My Very First Naked House Party!

(This was submitted by one of our readers who would rather not mention his name which we naturally respect)
My Naked Party Narrative:
I was exceptionally lucky in that my first naturist or social experience with nudity was at a naked party hosted by close friends. I will call them Sunday and Lila.
We met years ago, during our collegedays. Back then, we were all dirt poor grad students waiting tables at a popular campus eatery. Sunday was a musical theater geek who played piano and guitar. I sang a little. Thus did Lila. During open mic Saturdays at the restaurant, Lila and I regaled diners with . Sometimes we received ovations, but mostly we only awakened the deceased.
During time spent together outside of work, we three detected quite several things in common. All of us have left leaning politics, custom pipe tobacco recipes, all matters steampunk, the slow food movement, regional Indian cuisine, vague bands in addition to microbreweries and market specific craft beer. Lila went for flavored stouts. Sunday and I were right up IPA (Indian Pale Ale) monks.
When my lease ended in my own second year of grad school, Sunday and Lila mentioned they had a large bedroom for rent in their own house. The rent was dirt cheap and we imagined we had all get along splendidly. Sunday and Lila were by this time engaged. I moved in and our roommate ecstasy commenced.
Three weeks after I moved in, Sunday and Lila sat me down. They explained they’d, for several years, hosted a monthly party at their house. We’re sort of, like, members of a special club, Lila explained. Sunday gave me permission to refuse presence without anxiety about scorn upon complete disclosure of the club’s, shall we say, raison d’etre. They told me. In plain English – they host nude house parties! I was mesmerized, intrigued, but petrified. My ambivalence about the nude house party notion took hold of me at once. Lila gently probed, motivating me to speak freely. Sunday reaffirmed my right to refuse presence at their next naked house party without worry of offending my hosts.
First Naked Party
I am absolutely stoked by the sheer notion of attending my first naked party, I admitted. I ‘d never been much of an exhibitionist, but I Had enjoyed my fair share of nonsexual societal nudism fantasies. I ‘d wondered about naturist colonies, nude beaches, nude parties, etc. I’d also worried about looking stupid. Like any typical guy, I ‘d my fair share of neuroses and body image problems.
Sunday and Lila were both runners, and in fantastic shape. I was quite the reverse. You’d be amazed at all the shapes and sizes who attend our naked parties. It’s about that. It’s about independence and communion with other like minded individuals. No one will judge you, or mistreat you based upon ‘looksist’ bullshit. Surely not in our home! Again, your existence is not obligatory, but we had love to share this nude house party encounter with you.
So I was sold!
In the days prior to my first naked party, I thought I might vomit nails at any moment. I was beyond nervous. My internal critic rose up to its fullest glory. I examined myself in my full length bedroom mirror obsessively. I wondered about my slight beer belly, my stretch marks, my hairy butt, my sagging pecs, my ridiculously small pride and pleasure, doomed to stay unspeakably shriveled in the presence of guests. Would others be as grossed out about my body as I sometimes was? What the hell was I doing anyway? What if as the evening advanced the naked party turned, well, jubilant? I was so not prepared for that degree of bare fun. I had an impulsive thought: get dressed and just leave, come back hours later, and feign disinterest.
Before I could make great on my b.s. getaway, Lila rapped on my bedroom door. I reached for a towel, but then thought, What’s the point? If I’m remaining, may as well get it over with. I ditched the towel and opened the bedroom door. Leah was upon the threshold. So was Sunday. They were “Au Naturale”, completely naked and relaxed as you please. They ushered me into the living-room, inquiring how I believed, telling me to relax, and assuring me I could withdraw into my room whenever I wished. I heard a car pull into the drive. I thought I would perish. Guests arrived. They chatted with their hosts, shook my hand, congratulated me on my first visit to the nudie club. They each excused themselves and went off to get nude in the master bedroom.
By degrees I calmed down. Mainly because I soon realized there was absolutely nothing to worry. My greatest reservations commenced and ended inside my head, and were not based upon any bona fide hazards posed by the situation, or certain individuals. Lila circulated, serving hors d’oeuvres and other finger food. Sunday passed around bottles of homemade stout crafted by a pal of his, additionally nude and in attendance. I slipped effortlessly into dialogue about the recent National Book Award winners, as the gathered crowd of nude folks turned out to be quite literate, comprised in part by voracious readers. Someone even went to date as to compliment my shoulders. I blushed. I was disappointed when my first naked party finished. All of it went by so fast, so plainly, so opposite of all I ‘d anticipated and worried.

I can’t say all my body image issues were immediately abated by my foray into naked parties. But I did experience a degree of unprecedented independence that’s since galvanized my awareness of personal bravery and self confidence. I am also not nearly as plagued by my inner critic. I attend naked parties often, and enjoy the utter lack of pretense naturism entails. In the most philosophical sense, naturist assemblies force one to look at others without prejudice. Their humankind is what’s really on is just coincidental. I say, everyone should attend at least one non sexual naked or clothing optional gathering within their lifetime.
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